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Traveling in the past in Normandy 1944…

An exceptional two-day Leadership training excursion

Keep an exceptional souvenir of this little getaway for two days in the Sainte Mere Eglise area!

Thanks to D-Day Memory Tour and its great knowledge of the places, its experience of the terrain, you will take advantage of this unique way of visiting Normandy in 1944.


What is included:

- Visits American Battlefields

- Jeep tours on unknown paths by mass tourism

- 2 nights in a manor or camp

- Meals included (dinner of the D-Day/breakfast and lunch of the Day+1and Breakfast +Lunch Day+2)


Your arrival. DAY 1

  • In the Evening our meeting point takes place at Carentan train station. It is amazing seeing this building today in the same shape as it was back in 1944, which remains the witness of combats that occured in this very place.

  • After a short ride through the Cotentin landscape, we will arrive in an authentic residence (12th century manor)  which will be our headquarter for the next two days. Once arrived, you will take possession of your room and have some time for yourself.

  • We will have a welcoming aperitif, presentation of the team and a briefing about the next operations to come.

  • France and Normandy are very well known for their delicious and gastronomic dinner. We invite you to join us to enjoy a diner in a warm ambiance in our well decorated dinning room.

  • After a great evening together, we will go to our rooms for a good night of sleep which will transport you back in time in June 1944.


DAY 2- Your first day in Normandy


  • This morning, you will wake up to a freshly made typical french breakfast. It will be a great way for you to start this amazing day that awaits for you and will give you the energy to explore the historical places of Normandy.

  • Once done with your breakfast, you will start your adventure by receiving the keys to your WW2 jeep. You will find your vehicle at the entrance of the manor and will be in possession of it until the end of your trip. We will then leave our headquarters and take the road to Ste-Mere Eglise, the first town liberated by the American on June 6th 1944.

  • Once arrived at Ste-Mere Eglise, you will see the mannequin of the paratrooper with his parachute hanging off the stipple which reminds us of the story of John Steel (82nd airborne) portrayed in the famous movie “The Longest Day” by the actor Red Buttons.

  • We will gather at the airborne museum. Dedicated to the airborne operation during the night of June 5 to 6 1944. It will be your first contact with parts of History.

  • We will hold a meeting in this place to define what leadership means.

  • We will leave the museum and ride towards La fiere Manor where we will enjoy a quick lunch. This place is very well known in the United-States military schools, this place is also named “The Bloodiest Small Unit Struggle in the Experience of American Arms”.

  • You will be in the footsteps of greatness where you see the results of individual initiative and leadership that will show you how to apply the heroic action of June 1944 to your organization today. D-Day was successful through the teamwork of allies and the shared vision to see the victory through.

  • After learning about the actions of the American Leader such as General Gavin, General Ridgeway and pfc. DeGlopper and a few others inspiring us about the leadership notions we will board onto our jeeps to head back to our headquarters.

  • Once arrived at the headquarters you will have some free time.

  • It will be our second meeting of the day, we will use this time to debrief about how we can analyze and adapt what we learned through that experience in our businesses. 

  • Free time

  • After this long day of discovering and learning, you will be able to enjoy a homemade dinner with our group and have exciting conversations about the experience you lived today and the one to come tomorrow.

  • We will end the night at 11pm.

DAY 3- Second day in Normandy

​​Alarm clock, (Breakfast at the Chateau or Manor)

Jeep tour towards Ste Marie du Mont

Utah Beach Area

Lunch in Sainte Marie du Mont area

It will be our second meeting of the day, we will use this time to debrief about how we can analyze and adapt what we learned through that experience in our businesses. 

Afternoon on your way back to your facilities.



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