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D-Day Leadership Experience




D-Day Leadership is an original and exceptional experience especially designed for your leadership training.

Normandy is special ground. We will place you in the footsteps of greatness where you see the results of individual initiative and leadership that will show you how to apply the heroic actions of 1944 to your organization today. D-Day was successful only through the teamwork of allies and the shared vision to see the victory through. The essential foundation to victory was reflected in the words of General Eisenhower…

“It is amazing what gets accomplished when we stop worrying about who gets the credit.”



Our program is based on a unique expertise within the historical background of the Normandy Battlefields. You will be standing where sacrifice was made. When you stand amongst the crosses looking at you, you will feel a sense of renewed duty to return to America and take advantage of the opportunities so many died to give you and me.

Our knowledge of the region, of its history, and the men who fought and died there, allow us to partner with you in your programs Leadership trainings to explore the essence of real leadership.

This expertise of our D-Day Leadership team has built it for over 25 years working closely with the corporate world and the consular and institutional bodies.

Our team is made up of US Special Forces veterans from the United States. Airborne troops, educators, certified paratroopers and business leaders.



As part of our D-Day Leadership concept, your training in the essentials of leadership, within your management seminars will be reflective in team Building. What better place to apply your leadership lessons than the exceptional and unique countryside of Normandy.

Our goal is to take you back in time to feel the passion of a generation dedicated to freedom and the liberation of man. Once you have stood on the shoulders of heroes your will be inspired to build a bigger vision for your organization. We clearly want to position D-Day Leadership... as an innovative tool for you that will help you spread your messages in effective leadership and take your vision to new heights.



To do this, we have built an experience based on excellent WWII vehicles, prime living conditions, and a knowledge that only we can offer from our French hearts in gratitude to America. Please review what we are offering you…

  • Real estate infrastructures in Carentan

  • Authentic vehicles from the Second World War (Jeeps, Dodge, Staff Car, Truck ...)

  • Various equipment such as our Historical Re-enactment camp, Uniforms and accessories.

  • Partnership with institutions and local French authorities (town halls...) as well as partnership with museums and other professionals.





LET US BE CLEAR, WE ARE NOT A TRAINING ORGANIZATION. The heroes of WWII and what they did there will be enough training for you to learn from. When you are there you will ask yourself “What impelled these men to take that first step on to the beaches or that paratroopers first step out of that C-47 in the dark of night?”

Together we will touch the face of history and become reborn patriots of liberty. Our philosophy is based on these few words: Action, Respect, Values, Memory and Gratitude.

We are convinced that this way of supporting you is a truly unique approach to leadership. You learn best through experience not just words.  The result will be leadership that is bold, daring, brave, and willing to take chances for both those your serve and those who serve you. Lt. General James Gavin’s approach to leadership in his beloved 82nd Airborne is perfect. He told his officers to set the example by “Jump first and eat last!”





Never in history, in such a small area and in such a short time, have so many men had to show initiative, courage, sacrifice, and determination to achieve the objective of victory! They were not fighting for themselves, but for their brothers in arms next to them. A shared duty produces amazing results. When you are in Normandy the souls of sacrifice will surround you. What will you do with the experience we will provide you? The answer excites us.

Through our program at D-Day Leadership, we will place you and your partners/clients in intense emotional locations that will forever be in their memory and most importantly in their hearts and yours. As the tour progresses, the reasons they have signed up with you for this leadership-training program will become obvious. When you trust them, they will trust you and the results will be amazing!

We have long embraced the idea that character is developed when we are forced outside our so-called "comfort zones." By bringing people away from their home in the USA to France provides that the best conditions for development in leadership. You will have to trust one another just like those brave young men from the United States on the morning of June 6, 1944 in Normandy.



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Florida 33432 , UNITED STATES

tel 1-844--276-1611


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980 N Federal HWY Suite 110


Florida 33432 , UNITED STATES

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